Get a FREE electric scooter with this ludicrously brilliant offer from Xiaomi

Chinese firm Xiaomi is known for some pretty jaw-dropping deals – when it launched in the UK, it offered a number of its smartphone for £1 for a limited time. And now, it’s back with another sensational promotion ahead of the launch of its new Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone. For a limited time, those who pre-order can get a Xiaomi-branded electric scooter for free.
The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential retails at £399 alone. Its battery pack has a range of 12.4 miles (20 kilometres) and it has a top speed of 12.4mph, which is pretty fast for a vehicle with two wheels and that can fold down for convenience. So, it should be a pretty convenient way to speed to the local coffee shop or bakery to pick up some pastries on a Sunday morning… except for the fact that e-scooters aren’t technically legal in the UK yet. Although a number of pilot schemes are going on at the moment, most of these are for rental companies – not private ownership.

But if you’ve got some private land near you that you’d like to use as your own personal Silverstone, then this is a brilliant giveaway. And even if you’re only looking to buy a new smartphone, the freebie Mi Electric Scooter Essential would look like a very generous gift for a family member or could help recoup some of the initial outlay for the phone when sold on eBay.

To claim the free electric scooter, you’ll need to pre-order the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 11 from Vodafone between March 16 and 31, 2021. Once you have received your Xiaomi Mi 11 in the post, you’ll need to submit a claim for a free Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential between April 14 and May 15, 2021.

Xiaomi says it should be able to validate your claim within 5 working days. And after it’s all rubber-stamped, you’ll receive your free Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential within 30 days.

If you missed the announcement about the Xiaomi Mi 11 earlier this month, you’re in for a real treat. This smartphone is one of the first on the market to come equipped with the all-new Snapdragon 888 chipset from Qualcomm, which is more powerful than its predecessor but also more efficient. That should ensure battery life lasts at least a day… if not a little longer if you’re careful.

As well as a supercharged Snapdragon processor, there’s also a massive 108-megapixel rear camera which Xiaomi says will create images with razor-sharp detail comparable to the shots you’d get from a professional-grade DSLR or mirrorless cameras. Clearly, that’s a bold claim and we’ll have to wait until the reviews arrive to see if it’s true. But it’s probably a good bet that if you’re still holding onto a four- or five-year-old smartphone, this is sure to be a big step up.

That massive main lens is joined by a 13MP ultra-wide-angle camera for stunning landscape shots and a 5MP telemacro lens for improved close-ups. This triple-lens system should offer owners improved night photography along with impressive video capture.

To help bring some cool effects to those home movies there are six one-click AI cinema features that make artsy shooting a lot more simple for amateur snappers.

You’ll find effects such as Parallel World – which duplicates and inverts your scene to give the appearance of a mirrored world – to Freeze Frame Video – which freezes and clones video frames to create the illusion that parts of your video are frozen in time. Real film buffs may also appreciate the Magic Zoom mode, creating an illusion of the camera simultaneously zooming in and out of the scene, a trick originally popularised in thriller blockbusters.

Of course, all of those photos and videos need a good screen to view the content on and Xiaomi appears to have that covered. The Mi 11 looks set to offer one of the best screens on the market and has already received an A+ rating from DisplayMate, the world’s leading professional display review institution. Owners will also be treated to a 120Hz high refresh-rate on its 6.81-inch AMOLED DotDisplay.

Other extras worth mentioning include a lightning-fast embedded fingerprint scanner under the screen and there’s liquid cooling included to stop the phone from getting too hot when gaming.

The 4,600mAh battery also looks impressive with it compatible with both 55W wired charging and 50W wireless refill speeds. Finally, there are some dual speakers which have been tuned by the team at Harman Kardon. The Mi 11 will go on sale in the UK this month with 128GB and 256GB variants both available. Xiaomi Mi 11 starts from £46 a month on a two-year contract from Vodafone, and tops-out at £60 a month for 50GB of 5G data, unlimited texts, and a YouTube Premium, Amazon Prime or Spotify subscription for the 24-month length of your contract thrown-in.

Oh, and a free scooter too.

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