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Call of Duty Warzone update: What is Foresight and where can I buy it?

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Call of Duty Warzone update: What is Foresight and where can I buy it?
This week’s Call of Duty Warzone update is out now and weighs in at over 50GB on all platforms.

So no matter which platform you play on, you will need to wait a little while to get everything installed.

And after you do that, it might take a little while to work out what has changed in and around Verdansk.

One of the most notable tweaks has been made to the AUG, with developers Raven Software attempting to dial back its long-range capabilities.

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But another item has been unlocked that could make preparing for the final circle a lot easier across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

According to gamers who have been busy exploring the map, the Foresight Streak has been added to precise locations as a buyable item.

And that news could change how players go about winning Warzone across Verdansk.


Call of Duty Warzone includes a number of streaks that can be bought for money from Buy Stations that can help win a game.

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These usually include Killstreaks that launch bombardments or help in providing a temporary boost surviving the gas, or looking for other enemies.

The Call of Duty Warzone Foresight scorestreak is a little different, as it makes it possible to see every final circle in advance.

The Warzone Foresight has been available in the game for some time, although it has been removed for a number of months.

And up until this point, has never been available to purchase for cash within Verdansk.

Today’s Warzone update has changed this, making it possible to buy the Warzone Foresight Scorestreak from the Containment Monitor Stations.

By finding one of these unique machines, you can spend a lot of cash on several top items, which are usually much rarer to find.

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Essentially, you can buy Foresight for around $ 20,000, a steep price for any item, to make it possible to see every circle that’s going to happen on the map.

This makes it possible to prepare the final engagements of the game long before anyone else knows.

But by making it possible to buy Foresight, developers Raven Software has done two things.

This will make it possible for the richest teams to set up their loadouts correctly way ahead of everyone else.

But it will also provide a lot more competition and traffic around those Containment Monitor Stations.

To use Foresight, you will need to spend $ 20,000 at one of the Containment Monitor Stations, which can be found at three site locations.

These are the new Silo areas added to the game during Season 2, and provided the surest places to find a Monitor Station.

This means visiting the old locations of Monument (Bottom left under Construction), Park (below downtown near the edge of the southern map border), or the Silo just west of Military Base, within the mountain range.

Finding $ 20,000 will be a challenge, but it will be much easier to pull off during a Quads game where every teammate can try and rustle up a smaller portion.

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Call of Duty Warzone update: What is Foresight and where can I buy it?
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