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Lorraine Kelly: ITV presenter rages 'take your c**p home with you' in heated Twitter post

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Lorraine Kelly: ITV presenter rages 'take your c**p home with you' in heated Twitter post
Lorraine Kelly took to social media today to blast picnic goers for leaving their rubbish in the park, as clean-up teams moved in to tidy up. On the second day of lockdown restrictions easing, sun-seekers headed to outdoor spaces in their droves to meet up in groups of six or with another family.
Some parks and green spaces were left covered in litter in depressing scenes this morning.

On seeing pictures of the mess, Lorraine shared her thoughts on the matter.

“FFS – and I can’t stress this enough – take your c**p home with you!”(sic) she blasted on Twitter.

The ITV star made her comments while sharing a tweet with her 640,600 followers, which showed one clean-up operation.

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“Instead of paying them to clean up they should pay a park ranger to make sure people use the bins. On the spot fine for litter louts too. Too soft in this country, very good at whinging about things afterwards instead of nipping it in the bud at source,” one social media user wrote.

“Ffs obviously this pandemic has not made some people appreciate nature’s great outdoors it’s what’s been the one thing for every body to enjoy in COVID and now they treat it like this maybe they want that taken way too,”(sic) a second annoyed user added.

A third remarked: “When people say people have changed and become more caring in lockdown I disagree when we see things like this. The people that cared before still do and those that didn’t still don’t.”

Meanwhile a fourth person penned: “Makes me sad as this is the generation we have taught most about #pollution & #recycling; yet appears from this & park pictures from elsewhere that some are more than happy to treat the environment with contempt & happy to live in a dustbin. Classic #notmyproblem?”

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However, another user pointed out that it wasn’t just the “younger generation” at fault.

Lorraine returned to the site a short while later to respond to a user who shared her frustration.

“This is so annoying! If you can carry full bags of things to parks then you can carry empty bags & bottles home with you!” the post read.

“Well exactly,” the TV presenter added as she shared it on.

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Lorraine Kelly: ITV presenter rages 'take your c**p home with you' in heated Twitter post
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