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Spain: Expats share frustration as 'no clear answer' on getting coronavirus vaccine

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Spain: Expats share frustration as 'no clear answer' on getting coronavirus vaccine
Spain[1] is a popular tourist destination, with many Britons often flocking there for summer holidays. Some people who have decided to move there have opened up on waiting to get the coronavirus[2] vaccine.
One woman opened up on her frustration after struggling to find out how to get her vaccination.

“My husband and I are both retired expat residents who have lived in Sevilla since 2017 where we registered with the town hall and are paying our income taxes,” she told The Olive Press.

The expat explained her and her husband are not registered with the public health system and instead have private health insurance.

She continued: “We only want to learn how we can be included in the proper database so that we will be contacted when the vaccine becomes available for our age group.”

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She continued to say she was struggling to find out how to register for the vaccine.


“I have made appointments with various agencies during the last week and have been asking this question repeatedly,” she added.

“But instead of getting a clear answer, we have been sent from one to another without any result.”

Spain has been rolling out vaccines for all residents this year and is currently on track to give the first coronavirus vaccine to around 70 percent of the population by the summer.

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While the expats suggested they were struggling to find out about their vaccine, the Spanish government offered reassurance.

The government stated everyone living in Spain will be able to get the vaccination.

A spokesperson said: “Everyone living in Spain will have access to the vaccine, whether they are registered in the public health system or have private health insurance.

“It is up to the individual regional health authorities to put a system in place to notify them. If in doubt, people should contact their local health authorities to ask how this is being done.”

A spokesperson for the British Embassy in Spain added: “The Spanish government’s vaccination strategy is clear that, as a matter of public health, all people living in Spain are eligible for the vaccine, regardless of national residency status.

“At the current time, those in the priority groups are being vaccinated – irrespective of nationality or type of sickness insurance. The vaccination strategy is updated regularly to include new priority groups as the number of doses available gradually increases.”

The embassy offered further advice for those unsure of how to get the vaccination.

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“Those UK nationals who are already registered in the public health system should be contacted by their regional health service to arrange an appointment,” it said.

“UK nationals living in Spain can contact their local health centre or insurer for more information.”


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Spain: Expats share frustration as 'no clear answer' on getting coronavirus vaccine
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