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Furious BT broadband customers left unable to login to email account due to ongoing outage

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Furious BT broadband customers left unable to login to email account due to ongoing outage
Update: BT has confirmed the problems impacting its email accounts has now been fixed. If you’re a BT customer and you were unable to reply to email messages earlier, it’s worth trying to login again now. In a statement sent to Express.co.uk, a spokesperson for the telecom said: “Earlier this afternoon, for a period of less than 90 minutes some customers experienced problems using their BT webmail service. A fix was quickly implemented and now services are running as normal. We’d like to apologise to any customer affected.”

The original article, published before the fix, follows below…

Hundreds of angry BT customers have flooded social media with complaints that a fresh outage has left them unable to login to their inbox, send or reply to emails, or even access their contacts book. With millions still working and studying from home due to the ongoing public health crisis, the timing is far from ideal. BT’s broadband network itself seems to still be up-and-running without a hitch, with the issues seemingly limited to BT Mail.

It’s unclear whether the problems currently only apply to those who use the online portal to access their emails, or whether those who rely on a third-party application, like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail, are also seeing the problems. BT’s customer care team seems to be trying to determine exactly which users are experiencing the issues right now, replying to some of the dozens of customers with complaints on social media.

When signing up to a contract for the first time, BT offers all of its broadband customers access to a complimentary email address. These BT Mail addresses are powered by Yahoo Mail. However, it remains unclear whether the current problems are limited to BT email accounts only or whether Yahoo account owners are unable to login to their inbox too.

Independent service DownDetector, which tracks the performance of online services by monitoring social media for complaints, is currently clocking some 900 complaints from BT customers every minute. Dozens of these originate on Twitter, where users have been angrily asking the BT customer care team – available at @BT_uk – when they’ll be able to use their email account again.

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As it stands, BT has yet to confirm whether there are issues with its BT Mail accounts. While the customer care team are scrambling to collect the details of those impacted by the outage, there isn’t confirmation of how widespread the problem is, or whether everyone who has been left unable to login to their inbox is being hit by the same issue.

It’s worth noting this isn’t the first time BT customers have been left unable to check their BT email account. Back in August last year, there were similarly widespread complaints on social media about an issue preventing BT customers from checking their email online, or using third-party email management tools, like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Spark, or AirMail.

The news comes as a report warned that BT customers could face extra charges if they want to continue to access their inbox after switching to another broadband company at the end of their contract. While it’s not uncommon for ISPs to charge for this, BT is one of the priciest – costing £90 a year. Ouch.

Express.co.uk has reached out to BT to find out more. We’ll update this article as soon as we have some answers about what is causing the surge in complaints on DownDetector and preventing users from using their email account. Stay tuned.

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Furious BT broadband customers left unable to login to email account due to ongoing outage
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