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Random: Balan Wonderworld Accused Of Including “Knock-Off” Ghostbusters Song

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Balan Wonderworld

It’s been a bumpy launch for Balan Wonderworld – a boss section in the game was identified as being able to potentially trigger epileptic seizures and there’s a suspicious amount of positive user reviews on Metacritic, raising plenty of eyebrows.

If all of this wasn’t already enough, Yuji Naka’s latest release is now being accused of featuring a ” beat for beat knock-off” of an original Ghostbusters track. Ghostbuster fans claim “The Firefighter with Heroic Aspirations: Main Theme” in Balan, composed by Ryo Yamazaki, sounds similar to the original Ghostbuster’s motion picture score by Elmer Bernstein.

@GigaBoots: “A song in Balan Wonderworld is a beat for beat knockoff of a Ghostbusters song and it’s absolutely hilarious. Give it a listen.”

One response to the original tweet suggested there’s “no honor among thieves” – referencing a past Ghostbusters lawsuit:

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What do you think? Does the above Balan track sound like the Ghostbusters one? Leave a comment down below.

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Random: Balan Wonderworld Accused Of Including "Knock-Off" Ghostbusters Song
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