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How we’ve all been drinking tea wrong! Ruth Langsford reveals new way to drink beverage

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How we’ve all been drinking tea wrong! Ruth Langsford reveals new way to drink beverage
This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford explained that putting the milk in first is more flavoursome, according to science. She said: “The proteins in the milk lock in the taste of the tea.” Although this new way of drinking the nation’s favourite drink was popular amongst some people, Ruth shared how she couldn’t think of anything more horrible.
“Tea is a lovely drink. Don’t spoil it with milk and sugar!

According to science, the sudden change in temperature from pouring milk into hot water causes the proteins to unfurl and clump together. 

To avoid this, experts recommend placing a tea bag in your mug and adding your desired milk first.

After, add the hot water and stir before adding sugar if needed.

This of course is only if you have milk in your cuppa, some This Morning users shared their “disgust”.

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One person said: “What am I seeing before my eyes? #ThisMorning making a cup of tea with milk, I look at that in disgust. Always black, tastes better and it’s healthier.”

Another agreed and said: “I totally agree with the science behind it, although I’m not too sure I can taste the difference.”

Eamonn joked and explained that the only complaint he had about Ruth’s method of making tea was the temperature.

He said that he hates it when the drink is too hot that he has to “slurp” the mug so it doesn’t burn his mouth. 

In other food news, Coca-Cola recently changed its Zero Sugar recipe along with a new packaging to “enhance consumers Coke experience even further”.

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The revamp of the drink comes alongside a new campaign for Coca-Cola, spanning TV and online.

However fans weren’t convinced with the new recipe, with many asking the company to bring the old one back.

One person took to Twitter and said: “Coca-Cola you know what you did and you know it’s wrong. You let us down, correct it.”

Another said: “Why the need for a new recipe when the old one was delicious and well loved by everyone?”

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How we’ve all been drinking tea wrong! Ruth Langsford reveals new way to drink beverage
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