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Britney Spears Stuns In Green Mini-Skirt, Sexy Sheer Catsuit & More In New Transformation Video

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Britney Spears Stuns In Green Mini-Skirt, Sexy Sheer Catsuit & More In New Transformation Video

Britney Spears is back to doing her epic style-shifting fashion shows, in a video wearing everything from a sheer catsuit to a pretty pink floral dress.

Somebody’s been doing some shopping! It’s been awhile since Britney Spears[1]‘ took fans along on one of her fashion shows, showing off new wardrobe items in one fun video. But the 39-year-old has returned to her joy-filled style shifting ways[2] in a new social media post on Apr. 7. Britney seemed in the best mood, even pointing to indicate there was another item of clothing up to come in the video where she was still modeling the one she had on. Britney showed off a motorcycle jacket, a sheer skin-tight catsuit[3], a flowing peasant top and a pink floral dress…all in one video.

The “Toxic” singer began with a look that is very outside of her normal style zone. Britney paired a tight, very short green mini-skirt with a white turtleneck on top. She donned a black shearling-lined motorcycle style jacket[4] on top, and black calf-high boots with silver studs and white knee-socks for a truly killer look. While it would have been absolutely perfect during L.A.’s late fall or winter, it’s better late than never for her to show off some stylish cooler-months clothes.  She then pointed to her right for her next look to debut.

In the video set to Pharell‘s 2015 hit “Happy[7],” Britney appeared to be feeling the mood of the song! She pulled aside a curtain in a dressing room to show off a super sexy[8] skin-tight black sheer catsuit that hugged her dancer-toned curves[9]. It featured black leopard print spots throughout the garment, which Brit paired with black heels. She even pulled her hands up to make cat scratching motions while mouthing “meow” to really get in the feline spirit. The mom of two[10] then raised her hands above her head to show the next piece of video.

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For her third look, Britney was back to what she knows and loves the best…short shorts and a peasant top[11]. She walked along the outdoor balcony of her estate in already owned white tummy-baring low slung white shorts[12] and a white long-sleeved crop top with billowing sleeves and delicate floral embroidery. Brit looked like spring perfection in the outfit, strolling with her hands in her pockets, until she lifted her arms up and threw to her left for the next look to pop up.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears used to get to play dress up all the time back in her performing days. She’s seen here in concert in Taipei, Taiwan on June 13, 2017. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

Britney was again on her balcony in the cutest pink mini-dress[13] with ruffles along the garment’s big puffy short sleeves. The frock had red, pink and yellow floral patterns on it, and looked like it will see plenty of action now that spring is here and summer is on the way. Britney captioned her fashion show video, “I found my cat suit. No luck finding my mask but at least I found my body!!!! Stay joyful my friends and do what makes you happy by darn it!!!! God bless!!” Check out one of Britney’s famously fun “fashion shows” that she used to do below, as this one is from Sept. 2017:

Fans were so thrilled to see Britney back to modeling outfits with such joy and personality. User @comradebritknee declared, “THE FASHION SHOWS ARE BACK WE WON OMG FLAWLESS QUEEN WE DON’T DESERVE,” while fellow fan @intheezoneney gushed, “SHE LOOKS SO GOOD YESSSS.” User @circus_bitch also missed the balcony fashion shows, telling Britney, “YOU LOOK AMAZING QUEEN WE LOVE YOU! YOU LOOK STUNNING AND THAT BALCONY WE MISSED IT,” while @HGFR1986 was one of the few who didn’t write in all caps with excitement, instead telling Brit, “I love all these looks on you! You seem happy!!! Loving the energy!” This is definitely the most playful and fun side that Britney has shown in a video in a very long time, so no wonder fans are thrilled.


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Britney Spears Stuns In Green Mini-Skirt, Sexy Sheer Catsuit & More In New Transformation Video
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