Matt Baker scolds wife Nicola amid ‘problem’ on farm: ‘You need to stop talking to me!’

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Matt Baker scolds wife Nicola amid ‘problem’ on farm: ‘You need to stop talking to me!’
Matt Baker, 43, had to lightheartedly give his wife Nicola Baker a bit of a telling off when she teased him for taking too long to repair a leaking roof on his parents’ farm. The Countryfile presenter hit back at his other half during the latest episode of his new reality show, Our Farm in the Dales.
The Channel 4 programme documents the couple and their two children, Molly and Luke, returning to Durham to rescue their family’s farm and make it a safer place for Matt’s mum Janice and dad Michael. 

It was filmed after Janice, 65, had to undergo a knee replacement after a flock of sheep trampled on her last year.

Matt was filmed trying to resolve a “problem” on the farm for the show, as he discovered water leaking was through the family’s chicken coop in four areas.

He explained to viewers: “Before the accident, mum’s chickens were kept in different places all over the farm.

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As he got to work, Matt admitted: “Slightly disconcerting when you pull the whole top of the roof off!”

He was then interrupted by wife Nicola, who stopped by to say hello as she waved at her husband through the hole in the roof.

“Hello, how’s it looking?” Matt quizzed Nicola.

She quipped: “The hole’s definitely bigger than it was.

“You are going to get it done before it rains again, aren’t you?”

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“I’m working as quick as I can here,” Matt insisted.

“I think you need to hurry up,” Nicola teased. 

However, Matt seemed less than impressed with Nicola’s attempts to rush him.

He exclaimed as she giggled: “You need to stop talking to me and let me crack on. You’re putting me off!”

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Matt Baker scolds wife Nicola amid ‘problem’ on farm: ‘You need to stop talking to me!’
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