Adopt Me Ocean Egg pets reveal and release date confirmed for Roblox in April

Adopt Me Ocean Egg pets reveal and release date confirmed for Roblox in April

Adopt Me Ocean Egg pets reveal and release date confirmed for Roblox in April
Roblox has many popular games but Adopt Me has cemented its place as one of the most played on the platform.

And with the release of the new Adopt Me Ocean Egg update now locked in for later this month, there is going to be a lot of interested people logging in next week.

For those that might not have heard of it, Adopt Me! Is one of the most played games that can be found on Roblox.

Roblox is an internet gaming platform focused mostly on multiplayer experiences, essentially a place where user-created experiences can be shared and played using codes and searching through the Roblox terminal.

These Online games are called a “Place” and are always published and shared through the Roblox App, whatever platform you are using to play it.

The Roblox platform allows for a number of different genres and game types to be built, although they all share similar aesthetic styles.

Adopt Me! Allows gamers to raise virtual pets in an in-game home environment, which includes being able to decorate your location and upgrade the rarity of their chosen companions.

The game also includes trading, which has become a massive part of the experience since 2020.

Adopt Me continues to receive updates in 2021, with the latest Pets patch going live in March.

This included giving pets new environmental reactions, eye expressions and clearer indicators of what they need if they are hungry, sleepy or bored.

The official patch notes add:

  • Pets get excited about food and toys! Hold food or toys in front of your pet to see their reaction.
  • Pets get excited to show off their tricks, and learn new ones.
  • New sounds added for reactions and jumping.
And in April, another big update is being released, this time adding a new pets type to the game on the Roblox platform.

The Adopt Me Ocean Egg countdown has now begun, and this indicates that a wave of new water-faring animals are being added to the game.

Fans already know that Crabs and Dolphins will be among the new pets, but gamers will have to wait a little longer to find out everything about the new expansion.


According to the official social media pages of the Roblox game, the Adopt Me Ocean Egg release date has been set for Friday, April 16, 2021.

That means gamers have a full week to wait until the new pets are released onto the Roblox platform.

The Adopt Me support team have also confirmed a release time, revealing that the Ocean Egg is set to crack open at 3:30pm BST.

For Roblox fans in the United States, the Adopt Me update will be going live at 10:30am EST.

And while the Ocean Eggs will be the main draw in-game for the next week or so, it should also be noted that Fossil Eggs will be disappearing on April 16.

A message from the Adopt Me team adds: “The Ocean Egg countdown has officially started! Make sure to buy all the Fossil Eggs you need before Friday, April 16th – once the countdown ends, the Ocean Eggs will replace them in the Nursery gumball machine.”

The Fossil Eggs contain unique animals like the Dodo, and it was a Twitter that helped decide what new pet theme would be used for the next event.

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