Blonde Bomber Bridges strips to underwear for weigh-in

Boxing siren Ebanie Bridges didn’t leave much to the imagination during her weigh-in ahead of her WBA bantamweight title fight against Shannon Courtenay, with the fiery Brit slamming Bridges’ skimpy attire.

Australian fighter Bridges, better known to boxing fans as the ‘Blonde Bomber’, has previously called on female pugilists to “embrace femininity” by wearing eye-catching bikinis to weigh-ins – and the 5-0 boxer certainly heeded her own advice early Friday in advance of her showdown with the 6-1 Courtenay.

Bridges’ aggressive harnessing of her own sexuality has predictably led to calls – including from title rival Courtenay – that the 34-year-old Aussie is “disrespecting” the sport which pays her bills with her headline-grabbing antics.

Courtenay, with whom Bridges will trade leather on Saturday on the undercard of the Conor Benn vs. Samuel Vargas fight, told Sky Sports after their weigh-in showdown that Bridges will quickly realize she is out of her depth when they step into the ring.

Now there is no more talking,” said Courtenay. “Now it’s fight time, and this is where I shine.

She’s done her bit, she likes talking, I like fighting. My prediction is Saturday night I become world champion.”

Somewhat bizarrely, Bridges also offered Courtenay a pair of what she described as her “dad’s undies” as an apparent peace offering between the two, something which was unsurprisingly rebuffed the English boxer.

I tried to give [Shannon] my dad’s undies, but she said ‘no thanks I got my own‘”, the Blonde Bomber wrote on social media.

They were even champion brand, her sponsors.. She knocked them back, I thought was a cute gesture.”

Bridges’ racy reveal on the scales has certainly led to a spate of new fans sitting up and taking notice of the Australian prizefighter, who will be hoping to secure her maiden world title.

And there is little doubt that her legions of new fans will be pulling for her success in Saturday night’s fight – not least because many of them might well be hoping for a few more glimpses at the sultry siren on the scales before she hangs up her gloves.

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