Carol Vorderman wore Argos necklace for private lunch with Prince Philip and the Queen

Carol Vorderman wore Argos necklace for private lunch with Prince Philip and the Queen

Carol Vorderman has revealed that she once wore a necklace from Argos to Buckingham Palace for a private luncheon with Prince Philip and the Queen. The TV and radio star said the Duke of Edinburgh was kind enough to compliment her on the piece of jewellery, which her young son had bought for her with his pocket money.
“Let me tell you about my lunch at Buckingham Palace. I may be a girl from Rhyl but I’ve had some interesting times and this was one one them,” Carol told BBC Radio Wales listeners today.

“So I have been to Buckingham Palace quite a few times in various roles and met all members of the Royal family at various times, with Pride of Britain or The Prince’s Trust or whatever it might be, but this was a private invitation to lunch at Buckingham Palace.

“There are two parts to this story.”

“I’m going to tell you about Prince Philip and the Queen and then I’m going to tell you about my son and how he bought me this necklace from Argos and I wore it to the palace,” she began.

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“So my son Cameron was a lovely, lovely boy and he is extremely dyslexic and ADD and all of these things, so he was in a special school for a large number of years.

“And Cam couldn’t read at all when he was young and his favourite book was the Argos Catalogue.

“And he used to do little jobs for his mum – me, so I would give him a little bit of pocket money – all he ever wanted to do was make his mum happy…

“So he found this little diamond in the catalogue and he went with his Nanna to buy it from Argos.”

“I said, ’Well, thank you Sir. My son bought it for me,’” Carol told the Duke.

“‘Oh really?’” Prince Philip is said to have replied.

“I said, ‘Yes, he bought it from Argos for me,’” the mum-of-two added.

“And I thought, I’m testing you now, to see if you know what Argos is,” Carol told her co-host, “ and he said: ‘Oh really, that’s wonderful. It does look marvellous.’”

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