Michael Jackson: The Jackson 5 discuss discovering their brother's talent

Michael Jackson: The Jackson 5 discuss discovering their brother's talent

Michael Jackson: The Jackson 5 discuss discovering their brother's talent
By the time Michael Jackson was 13-years-old he already had a top-five hit with Got To Be There. At that point, Michael had been touring and performing with his brothers, Jackie, Marlon, Tito and Jermaine for years – but he was not the main attraction of the group. Michael was later placed as the lead singer for the legendary act, The Jackson 5, while touring America, Europe and Japan. What followed was the greatest pop career in history selling more than 230 million records. Michael’s brother Jackie recently revealed Michael worked on his skills all the time.
Speaking to The Guardian, Jackie reminisced: “He loved it. He loved it.

“He would work at it every single day. Dancing, honing his craft. That’s what he did.”

Despite having a sense of pride in how hard his brother worked, Jackie admitted that he didn’t always remain close with Michael throughout his popular years.

He said: “When you have that kind of career, it’s kinda hard to keep pace with all your brothers because you’re busy.”

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Before Michael became a superstar, however, he was relegated to the backbenches of The Jackson 5.

Jackie revealed: “When we started it was Jermaine, Tito and I singing. Then Marlon and Michael came in.

“Michael used to take a Quaker oatmeal box and they were his bongos. He used to play it so well.”

However, it all changed when they gave him an opportunity to show them what he could do.

Jackie went on: “If you’re going for it, you go for all of it. You go with gusto.”

He added he would rather have had Michael’s life: “Yeah, that’s right. That’s what everyone wants who’s in this business.”

Tito agreed: “You want to be on top.”

Previously, Tito spoke emotionally about the loss of his brother, who died on June 25, 2009 from an administered drug overdose.

Tito said in 2011: “I don’t think there will ever be closure for our family.”

Speaking candidly about Conrad Murray, Michael’s physician who was arrested for involuntary manslaughter over the pop star’s death, Tito said: “I’m not a doctor but whether he knew better or Michael knew better he shouldn’t have been doing that.

“He’s a doctor. He’s in charge. He’s taken an oath and at that time he should have been doing what he needed to do to get my brother straight, not contributing to the situation.

“The world has lost a great man, but for our family it has nothing to do with music.”


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