Outriders Xbox update out today but comes with Inventory patch notes warning

Outriders Xbox update out today but comes with Inventory patch notes warning

Outriders Xbox update out today but comes with Inventory patch notes warning
Today’s Outriders Xbox update can be downloaded right now but comes with a big patch notes warning.

As shared by the development team on Twitter, this week’s Outriders update looks to remove performance issues and reinstate crossplay.

But from recent reports, it also has another big side effect that gamers will want to know about.

According to those who have downloaded the patch, it appears that the Outriders Inventory wipe glitch is still kicking.

Not only that, but the problem might have even spread to other parts of the game, having started as a multiplayer glitch.

So if you have downloaded today’s new Outriders Xbox patch, be aware that there could be an increased chance of losing your stuff.

Being a looter shooter, most weapons and gear will become outdated fairly quickly, being replaced by better gear as you go up the ranks of World Tiers and Levels.

The good news is that these issues will be fixed and that most lost gear will be restored. But having lost that stuff, by the time you get it back, it probably won’t have the same worth.

Having said that, the loss of some top mods would put anyone in a bad mood, and according to People Can Fly, there will be limits on what can be restored to players.

Here’s the latest news from developers People Can Fly on the current Inventory issues:

“Since the recent patch, we have seen an increase in reports of this issue and are investigating it urgently.

“We still intend to run a one-off mass restoration so anyone affected by this will still see their items restored. Here are our intentions for this restoration:

  • Restoration should take place on a specific day and should be a one-time event
  • The exact date is TBC but we’re hoping for this to occur in the coming week(s)
  • We will update you when we have confirmation of date and timings
  • We will only be able to restore the most valuable tiers of items lost, e.g. Epics and Legendaries.
  • We will be unlikely to restore an inventory full of blue gear.
  • The restoration should be additive to your inventory. It should not replace your current inventory.
  • Restored items may not be have the exact same stats as the lost items

“Note that restoration will not be possible for items that were acquired but where the game connection was terminated before an autosave could complete as those items would never have made it into your server inventory/our logs. Such suspended autosaving is noticeable when the yellow autosave icon stays active for a longer period of time.

“For any individual restorations that were missed, or that occur in future, we plan to equip our teams to help on an ad hoc basis.

“Please note that these are our intentions that we are providing here for transparency. While we will try our hardest to make things right, we, unfortunately, cannot make guarantees for the specifics of the above or the timeline of this, as we may run into technical difficulties that delay our work.

“The Accolades Wipe issue is something we’re again looking into whether we can run as part of such a one-off restoration or whether we will need to tackle these cases on a one-to-one basis. Accolades are a more complex piece of data per profile than a piece of equipment, so working through a solution here is taking a little more time.”

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