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Camping & caravan holidays: Campers share clever sleeping bag tips ahead of April 12

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Camping & caravan holidays: Campers share clever sleeping bag tips ahead of April 12
Self-catered holidays across England are set to return from April 12, including camping and caravan stays. With many Britons eager for a change of scenery, it could be the first time some people take on a traditional camping holiday.
Ahead of this, some seasoned campers based in the UK shared some top tips for first time camping in a dedicated Reddit forum.

From sleeping bags to tent repair kits, it seems there are a lot of packing essentials holidaymakers should remember.

One of the most important things for an enjoyable holiday, though, is a good night’s rest.

According to camping regulars, the key to this is getting the right sleeping bag – particularly if you’ve never been on a tent holiday before.

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As one camper pointed out, even in the summer months, it is important to wrap up warm at night when the temperature typically drops.

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“If you’re not used to sleeping in a sleeping bag it can be hard to get to sleep – unless you’re planning on hiking or sleeping out in Autumn or Winter I’d recommend against a tapered ‘mummy’ style bag,” they explained.

“You can get ones that zip together in a pair.

“You might also find using an opened out sleeping bag and a winter duvet to be pretty cosy and comfortable; again, if you have the space for the duvet.

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“A futon mat is a good double for sleeping mats if you’ve got space to transport it.

“Don’t forget to put your pants and socks for the next day in the bottom of your sleeping bag so they’re toasty in the morning,” they commented.

Many campsites across the UK are reopening for business on Monday, however, trips might be a little different in line with Government restrictions.

Campsite provider The Camping and Caravanning Club explained some facilities on their sites will remain closed.

“We will be initially opening our campsites without facility blocks. If you have a booking between the 12 April – 16 May you must be a self-sufficient camper (one household only) with your own facilities – our toilets, showers and communal areas such as laundries and dishwash areas will be closed until 17 May,” it explained in a statement on the company website.

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Camping & caravan holidays: Campers share clever sleeping bag tips ahead of April 12
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