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Compound Finance has reached the milestone of $10Billion in total assets

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Total COMP has reached $10 billion

Compound Finance has reached the milestone

The amount of money currently invested in Ethereum-based Decentralized Financial Applications (DeFi) projects is estimated to be $51.8 billion

We have also seen a massive drop in the sum of Ethereum on stock and cryptocurrency exchanges as a consequence of yield farming.

The total amount of Ethereum that is held on the different DeFi networks is over $22 billion.

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Compound Finance’s crypto lending programme is the first DEX to reach $10 billion in cumulative collateral. This milestone on COMPOUND was noted and shared by the community on DEFi Pulse.

B tokens worth $5,000 currently sit in the $B compound

Now when I am writing this, approximately $10.06 billion is kept in Compound (LOCKED) The other half of this amount is $5.7 billion is 2.4 million USD using Ethereum’s existing market cap of $2,124 billion.

The $22.3 billion in DEX has been put in lockup

Even today, the decentralised financial blockchain landscape has a valuation of $51.8 billion. Complete farmer participation in DeFi applications has been maintained with a combined 10.5 million ETH locked in the various protocols: estimate: This corresponds to $22.3 billion or 43% of the total value that is stored in the protocols stored in DeFi on the Ethereum.

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Another proof that is provided by WBTC locked ETH (valued at $8.6 billion) suggests that LBRY is the preferred portfolio for yield takers regardless of the high gas fees that occur on the network.

Crypto Exchange: Trading Price Continues to Be Severely Declines

It is no longer as easy to buy ERC-20 tokens as it once was, so the price of ERC-20 tokens has decreased accordingly. In a recent study, much of the Ethereum is ending up in Decentralized Financial Institutions as shown by the chart below.

Since more and other people want to store # Ethereum on # ETH and hard wallets, the sum of # Ethereum on exchanges continues to fall. It’s a positive sign for Ethereum holders because there is less currency being supplied to exchanges, so volatility should decrease.

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Compound Finance has reached the milestone of $10Billion in total assets
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