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The European markets lose ground due to worries about coronaviruses

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European shares closed lower on Monday, after news from the U.S. about import prices and earnings had failed to prove to be better than expected today.

The strength of the Stox Europe, -0.3%, came after recent declines in Mumbai and Shanghai. After there was a wave of new coronavirus cases in India, the vaccine’s efficacy was called into question.

The European markets lose ground
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The country was in the process of crafting new legislation to allow the imposition of national restrictions with or without local authorization. Meanwhile, back in England, bars that have been closed since World War II reopened.

Additionally, the U.S. equity index futures ES00, -0.19%, were lower ahead of economic data on Tuesday and the banks Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase and Com on Wednesday, which both reported earnings. Also on “60 Minutes” was said to say that the economy had reached a “inflection point,” meaning that the Federal Reserve would not raise its interest rates.

Natis strategist Florent Philippe said there was little risk of derailing their uptrend: “In our view, the market should oscillate between the Fed’s scenario and a more aggressive scenario, given the next economic and inflation outlook.

The two parties have reached an agreement in principle to combine with a deal in place on a price of €20.50 per share, with an 8.86-percent increase in the value in exchange, namely from the Suez side By this date, the two organisations have sealed their merger agreements. Last week, Suez had made it nearly impossible to conclude an agreement.

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Shares of ItalianDIA 7% jumped after announcing a deal to buy Lumine Corporation for about $37 per share, or 3,780 percent, for $1.8 billion.

Teleperformance TEP, +2% The report pointed to good sales performances in Continental Europe and the Ibero-LAT (Spain and Latin America) area, as well as significant contracts with the U.K. government.

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The European markets lose ground due to worries about coronaviruses
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