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Football reporter cites ‘mean’ messages as she ‘checks out’ from Twitter after missing red card in viral TV blunder (VIDEO)

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Football reporter cites ‘mean’ messages as she ‘checks out’ from Twitter after missing red card in viral TV blunder (VIDEO)

Sky Sports reporter Michelle Owen was targeted by “mean messages” from social media trolls after she was guilty of repeating a classic blunder by missing a red card on live TV during a game in the English fourth tier.

Reporting from the Walsall versus Tranmere clash in League Two, Owen was none the wiser when Sky presenter Jeff Stelling handed over to her for an update after a red card was issued to Tranmere’s Jay Spearing in the 74th minute.

A comical exchange followed in which Owen – a veteran of seven years at Sky Sports – admitted she hadn’t seen the sending off.  

“Not unless I’ve just done a Kammy (Chris Kamara) and completely missed something Jeff. Have I completely missed something?” asked the baffled Owen. 

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Stelling responded by asking Owen to count the number of Tranmere players on her fingers to see if one had in fact been given his marching orders. 

The clip was reminiscent of the iconic moment fellow Sky Sports presenter Kamara missed a red card in the Premier League clash between Portsmouth and Blackburn back in 2010. On that occasion, Kamara had responded by bursting out laughing.   

Owen initially took the incident in similarly good spirits, sharing the clip on her Twitter account with a laughing and face-palm emoji. She also received widespread support as others joined in on the gaffe.

However, Owen appears to have been unsettled by a small minority of negative comments, later feeling the need to explain herself for the glaring oversight.

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“Here’s full clip, context is everything. There’s a pillar in the way and the action I described just before the sending off proceeded what I couldn’t see,” she wrote to her almost 80,000 followers.

“Justifying it for the trolls. As you can see I am peering round a pillar. Thanks most for seeing the funny side!”

That was followed by a message that she was “checking out” of Twitter for a while, citing “mean messages.”

“I’m checking out for a bit as I’m taking my little boy to see some animals then continuing our charity run. More productive than the small minority that sit on social media being mean. Have a lovely day and thanks for the nice messages.”

Any mean-spirited responses seem to have firmly been in the minority, although one reply to the clip read: “It would have been funny if the reporter had a personality.”

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Owen mainly received an avalanche of support or good-natured humour. 

“Career-defining moment Michelle! You’re now, officially, a Soccer Saturday/Special legend alongside [Kamara],” joked one fan.

“Do you need us to check the prescription in those glasses?” addedthe official account for opticians Specsavers.

“Wonder how many times you are going to be reminded of this. Can’t beat live television and you took it in good spirits,” added another fan.

“Very well dealt with, Michelle,” wrote another.

Fellow female presenter Kelly Somers wrote: “Erm has no one complimented you on how WELL you handled this?! This happens ALL the time in live reporting and you’ve dealt with it with humour and class, whilst remaining unflustered. Pro as always x.”

“Omg who is being mean! Obviously just a laugh… I thought it was great and funny! People have zero sense of humour, especially on here these days,” added radio DJ Polly James. 

This article originally appeared on RT Sport News

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Football reporter cites ‘mean’ messages as she ‘checks out’ from Twitter after missing red card in viral TV blunder (VIDEO)
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