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Xbox Series X stock UK: Bad news from Smyths as Xbox, PS5 restock shortage continues

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Xbox Series X stock UK: Bad news from Smyths as Xbox, PS5 restock shortage continues
Very was one of the last retailers to offer an Xbox Series X restock in the UK, with options expected to stay limited.

While a few stores were expected to offer restocks this week, there have only been a few chances.

This has included the Very digital store and the UK Microsoft Store, although neither had enough consoles to keep up with demand.

Meanwhile, 4Gadgets has been another store that has been offering Xbox All Access deals on both Xbox Series X and Series S gaming machines.

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The bad news is that it appears some stores will not be offering more PS5 consoles until next month.

An example of this is Smyths, which has changed its listing from April to May, posting on its website: “Out of Stock. Expected in stock: May 2021.”

Recent reports have suggested that Argos has been offering PS5 consoles in-store, but only in limited quantities.

From what has been shared, this isn’t a widespread occurrence and gamers have been advised to call up local locations to find out more.

GAME has been another retailer that’s offered new Xbox and PS5 stock regularly, however, April could be disappointing.

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Stock tracker accounts have been keeping an eye on the GAME website and have noticed that the April restock has now been pushed back.

The new GAME restock is now expected to arrive in May, leaving very few options for the coming weeks.

The PS5 Instant stock tracker shared this update on Twitter today, confirming that shortages could be a problem in April:

“Major PS5 stock delay as issues with sea freight. Argos & GAME received a small shipment, sold in-store today & yday. GAME isn’t expecting more till May, I’ll keep you updated.”

Knowing that more Xbox and PlayStation stock is coming is important, but console hunters should also know the best ways to get stock from each platform.

Here are a few examples of how best to try and buy a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles from leading UK retailers:

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ARGOS: The Argos website is notorious for crashing and being unable to complete purchases when site traffic is high. Stock trackers suggest using the mobile Argos app and keeping an eye on local store listings.

AMAZON UK: Amazon UK runs better under strain but still comes with a few kinks worth mentioning. Having an account set up with your card details is a good start, and gamers should also try adding a console to their wishlist before checking out.

GAME: Game is a UK retailer that offers the most regular stock updates for next-consoles. However, console hunters have been warned to use Guest Checkout, as this option is less likely to crash when completing a purchase.

With the UK’s lockdown finally coming to an end, most retailers are opening their doors for the first time this year.

Currys is reopening with the XXL Clearance event which got underway on Monday, April 12 with Currys saying that it will be one of its biggest ever. In fact, some products will see a discount of up to 70 per cent off their original price.

This isn’t expected to include next-gen consoles, but there is always room for other consoles, including PS4, Xbox One and PCs.

This article originally appeared on Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

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Xbox Series X stock UK: Bad news from Smyths as Xbox, PS5 restock shortage continues
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