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A New Super Monkey Ball Game Just Got Rated In Australia

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Get yer ‘nanas and your monkey balls ready, because it looks like a new Super Monkey Ball might be a-rollin’ over the horizon.

A Twitter account that documents the latest in Australian video game classifications just posted the cryptic news that a game called SUPER MONKEY BALL BANANA MANIA (all caps, apparently?) was just rated PG.

Last year, Monkey Ball creator Toshihiro Nagoshi – who also helped create the Yakuza series, which gives is an impressive range – hinted at something Monkey Ball-flavoured in the works. We could be about to see what he was talking about.

Online multiplayer Monkey Target, please
Online multiplayer Monkey Target, please
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Super Monkey Ball has long been tied to Nintendo platforms, having been initially released on the GameCube, and although this rating only lists “multi platform” as its eventual destination, we’re going to assume that includes the Nintendo Switch. It’s also worth noting that Banana Mania will involve mild violence (gosh) and online interactivity (heck), which are what being the rating up from E for Everyone to a Parental Guidance.

We can, of course, only speculate at this point – but it would be nice to see the HD Rumble-enabled ball-counting game from 1-2-Switch (which is similar to the nut-counting game in Super Mario Party) make it into Super Monkey Ball. Put the balls inside the controller already, cowards!

The last Super Monkey Ball game was Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD on Switch in 2019, a remake of the 2006 version which launched on Wii.

Are you hype for new Super Monkey Ball? Let us know in the comments.

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This article originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News

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A New Super Monkey Ball Game Just Got Rated In Australia
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