Keiser Report looks at NFTs, a multi-billion-dollar industry which is ‘OBVIOUSLY A FRAUD’

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look at the easy sell of Ponzi economics as the human imagination prefers the fantasy of impossible gains to the hard slog of actually producing or manufacturing profits.

“In the case of bond market, there’s no bonds, that’s what negative interest rate is,” Max says, adding, “Now we’ve got a multi-billion-dollar NFT market, non-fungible token market, and the so-called art market, where there is no art.”

He goes on: “There is no original art, there’s only copies, which can be copied infinitely with absolute fidelity. There’s only copies of the art, but now it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry, obviously a Ponzi scheme, obviously a fraud.”

According to Max, “It is sold as if it’s something in a can – they just need to add what it is, what it says it is.”

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