'You cannot be serious?!' NBA star Doncic sinks barely-believable buzzer-beating 3-pointer to leave LeBron astounded (VIDEO)

Luka Doncic wowed basketball fans, stars and pundits with a stunning buzzer-beater that went viral on Wednesday evening.

The Slovenian’s Dallas Mavericks team were trailing 113-111 away at the Memphis Grizzlies with just seconds to spare.

But Doncic was intent on snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, and let off a physics-defying lunging and leaning three pointer to finish the evening on 29 overall.

Doncic raised his arms and smiled at his feat, and the officials then reviewed the play and decided that overtime wasn’t necessary, as he had in fact shot from the correct distance to seal the win – and not just tie the game.

“Honestly, I don’t remember,” Doncic answered post-match, when asked if he’d even looked at the rim before making his throw.

“I was kind of falling down.”

“It’s kind of lucky, but we’ll take it.”

Basketball legend LeBron James was clearly impressed, and told Doncic “You ain’t serious, man” after a string of WOWs and laughing emojis.

Mavs fans dubbed Doncic a “bad man” and claimed that the game is “never over” with the number 77 on your side. 

“I will take Luka over anyone in the league right now,” said another.

“Luka Doncic be hitting shots that make you wanna take your ball home and not play with him anymore,” remarked a neutral onlooker.

But there’s always one. 

Elsewhere, a party pooper said: “Shot doesn’t count in my eyes. Lucky.”

Though he was then rather harshly told to suck it up and that his “existence doesn’t matter”.

This article originally appeared on RT Sport News

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