MMA sensation Mokaev – touted as ‘the new Khabib’ – calls out UK government for ‘refusing wife’s visa’

Team GB athlete Muhammad Mokaev has sarcastically thanked the UK government for “refusing his wife’s visa” as he issued a scathing message on social media.

Taking to Twitter on Friday afternoon, the grappler wrote: “Thanks for refusing my wife’s visa, after representing [the] UK for 9 years.”

The message was accompanied with a clapping hands emoji, while the UK Home Office and its boss Priti Patel were also tagged.

Turning 20 last summer, Mokaev arrived in the UK as a 12-year-old refugee. 

In a revealing interview with the BBC, he told the story of his journey to the country, and how he eventually settled in the Wigan area of northwestern England while now based in Salford, Greater Manchester. 

With his mother having recently passed away at the time, Mokaev and his father arrived by ferry hidden inside a car without any money and a bag of clothes.

As Mokaev originally hails from the Russian republic of Dagestan, there have been obvious comparisons to lightweight great Khabib Nurmagomedov and they also share similar fighting styles.

But although Mokaev tried it briefly while still in their shared homeland, which boasts an endless production line of talent in grappling, it was only when introduced properly to wrestling at the Wigan Youth Zone that he took to it.

As the pair scraped by on benefits, Mokaev’s father was concerned at seeing Muhammad fall in with “the wrong crowd” and bribed the youngster £20 to go to the after school club every day.

The move paid dividends, and with Mokaev now a rising 5-0 MMA star who hopes to top Jon Jones as the UFC’s youngest champion, he is an established Team GB athlete as well with eyes on the Olympics.

Yet representing his adopted country has proved no help whatsoever in having his wife join him in the UK, and fans have rushed to offer their support. 

“This is awful from you guys,” said one, also tagging Patel and the Home Office. 

“Wherever this guy goes [around] the globe to compete, whatever platform it may be, he’s always taking the flag with him & you guys can’t even accept his wife’s Visa, shame on you!”

“It’s a ruse. They do that sometimes hoping that the person gives up. Appeal instead and it normally works. Trust me,” suggested another.

“[It’s the] second time they’ve refused it , with no rights to appeal,” answered Mokaev, with a sad smiley.

“Take your talents and your family somewhere you’ll all be respected and appreciated. The UK is a dumpster fire of bigotry and hostility,” it was advised elsewhere.

Despite the disappointment, Mokaev said he would “never stop raising the flag of England” as he continued his rise in the world of MMA. 

“I manage to accomplish many goals I’ve set for myself since arriving at the UK,” he wrote. 

“This country has helped me though my journey in life and in MMA. Therefore, no matter what the Home Office decides against me or my family, I will never stop raising the flag of England.”

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