Call of Duty Warzone Season 3: New map release date and Cold War update news

The Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 release date is locked in for this week, and while we don’t know everything about it yet, we should start finding out more very soon.Based on previous launches, Activision will share its full plans later today or Tuesday for PS4, Xbox One and PC gamers.

This will likely include the exact time the Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 will start, as well as what is being planned for new content.

Fans have already seen plenty of rumours that the Verdansk map will be destroyed as part of a Nuke event.

This will reportedly be followed by a revamped version of Verdansk that fits better with the Black Ops Cold War universe.

This will include new places of interest, locations to visit and a range of new weapons to wield.

Activision could choose to share more on this, as well as when exactly to watch the Nuke Event unfold.

The most recent reports suggest that the nuclear weapons found across the Verdansk map will be fired into the sky, dropping down onto the map and destroying it.

There have also been a few hints that the event will include some connection to the Dam.

This could be the viewing point Activision has chosen for players to watch the event, however, there are still a few questions regarding that.Earlier live events have seen Activision release a special playlist which players then access to complete a series of challenges and then watch a trailer.

The same could be used for the Warzone event, providing a way for Activision to offer a live in-game experience. But with the hints now starting to roll in, it seems likely that we will learn more about what’s going to happen next very soon.


Activision has confirmed that the Call of Duty Warzone Nuke Event will be happening on Wednesday, April 21, 2021.

When it comes to timing, the Call of Duty Warzone Nuke event is expected to kick off at around 8pm BST, on April 21.

If everything kicks off after this event, then the Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 release date will be on April 21 too.

However, Activision could also choose to wait a few hours to make way for a big Cold War update. Developers Raven Software could also choose to launch a new Warzone update on April 20, to make way for the new changes.

So it will be important for Activision to share its official schedule later this week, before everything kicks off.And for those looking to enjoy Verdansk before it disappears, gamers should check out how to become a Zombie and what the new rules are for the Radiation Zones.

Activision shared this week: “Just like the Circle Collapse, entering a Corruption Zone without a Gas Mask will cause your Operator to start gasping for air as their health and armour chip away until they are downed and, ultimately, eliminated.

“If we left the description at that, your strategy around them would be simple: avoid them like you would other areas in the Circle Collapse. Of course, there is a massive reward to come with the risk of travelling through a Corruption Zone.

“First, you’ll find plenty of Gas Masks within a Corruption Zone, most likely left behind by Operators who perished before.”“In addition to a Gas Mask stockpile, Corruption Zones also contain high amounts of Epic and Legendary items, along with Rare Supply Boxes.”


“When an Operator perishes in the Corruption Zone, their fate is sealed all the same: they return to Verdansk as a zombie, ready to feast on the living with supernatural powers.

“If you recall the nightmares of October during the Haunting of Verdansk, you may be familiar with how to play as a zombie. If not, here are five quick tips for becoming an effective member of the undead army.

“A zombie resists the Circle Collapse completely, allowing players to move about Verdansk freely.”

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