Fire Emblem-Style Strategy RPG 'Lost Eidolons' Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem-Style Strategy RPG 'Lost Eidolons' Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

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If you’re a fan of SRPGs, you might want to keep an eye on the Kickstarter campaign for Lost Eidolons. It’s described by developer Ocean Drive Studio as a “classic turn-based strategy RPG” created “in the proud tradition of games our team loves, like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics“. The studio is seeking $ 45,000 in funding and has raised just over $ 11,000 so far.

What’s unique about this campaign is that the core game is definitely getting made, and the Kickstarter is more about increasing the scope of the title and offering players the chance to add more content, including an optional permadeath feature and ‘Hell Mode’ difficulty:

The game already has full funding. Our biggest hurdle right now is just establishing ourselves as a new studio. We’re launching this Kickstarter to help bring attention to the game, begin fostering a passionate player community, and push for exciting stretch goals.

While the game has only been confirmed for PC and Xbox consoles so far, Ocean Drive Studio states that it “may be able to bring Lost Eidolons to other gaming platforms,” and its Kickstarter FAQ page name-checks the Nintendo Switch.

Here are some more details, direct from the developer:

+ A carefully crafted cinematic story, told in an episodic campaign, where you’ll help Eden and his ragtag band of rebels navigate the turmoil and treachery of a chaotic civil war.
+ Gorgeous, high-fidelity graphics in a gritty, low-fantasy setting.
+ An exciting new world with its own myth and lore, where we hope to tell more stories in the future.
+ Meticulous grid-based tactical combat. Lead your units through a variety of challenging battlefield scenarios set across 27 chapters (the first 16 of which will be playable in Early Access).
+ An in-depth management system between battles, with more than a dozen combat classes to explore. Train, gear up, and recruit powerful new units to your growing army.
+ Engineer your own victories. Take advantage of more than a dozen different classes to design your foe’s overwhelming defeat.
+ A beautiful live-orchestrated soundtrack by composer Clark Aboud, whose work has helped define beloved indie games like Slay the Spire and Factory Town.
+ Full voice acting in English, with text support for Korean, Russian, German, European Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

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