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Path of Exile: Ultimatum Expansion Available Now

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Author Bex, Community Manager, Grinding Gear Games
This post originally appeared on Xbox Wire

Greetings, Exile! What brings you here? If it’s a love of deep hack-n-slash games that are free on Xbox then we’ve got some news you’d like to hear! We’ve just launched our April expansion, Path of Exile: Ultimatum which you can play for free right now. 

Path of Exile: Ultimatum

In Ultimatum, you’ll meet the Trialmaster, a Vaal emissary of an entity known only as Chaos. The Vaal are Wraeclast’s most ancient civilization, known for their blood sacrifices, lost temples and four-breasted queen, Atziri (yeah, you read that right – she’s a badass though). 

Path of Exile: Ultimatum

In Ultimatum, you will be tempted by an offering you can earn by completing the Trialmaster’s challenge. If you’re successful, the Trialmaster will present you with an ultimatum – leave now with what you have or risk it all for even greater rewards. You will have to make risky decisions, being thrown into increasing difficult combat as the Trialmaster continues to up the stakes. 

Path of Exile: Ultimatum
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Alongside the Ultimatum League, we’ve also introduced eight new gems that offer powerful ways to destroy your enemies at the cost of your blood. We’ve also massively revamped Path of Exile’s reward systems to make sure your hard work pays off. We hope to see you there! You can learn more about everything this expansion has to offer at https://www.pathofexile.com/ultimatum.

Path of Exile: Ultimatum

But there’s more! We’ve got more Action RPG goodness to share. Alongside our reveal of Ultimatum, we also provided a first look at our upcoming sequel Path of Exile 2 since it was first announced at ExileCon in 2019. 

Path of Exile: Ultimatum

In our livestream, we showcased a glimpse of Path of Exile 2‘s second act filled with the rich environments of the Vastiri Desert. We also showcased an updated gameplay demonstration which focused on how Path of Exile 2‘s combat is that of a true next generation Action RPG: visceral, responsive and powerful. We haven’t announced a launch date for Path of Exile 2 yet but we’ll continue to reveal its secrets alongside our quarterly expansions for Path of Exile. Find out more about Path of Exile 2 at pathofexile.com/poe2.

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Path of Exile: Ultimatum Expansion Available Now
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