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Tom Jones dedicates new song to wife Linda 'This is how she wanted to be remembered'

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Tom Jones dedicates new song to wife Linda 'This is how she wanted to be remembered'
Sir Tom’s new album will be released on Friday and includes two tracks which hold very special personal meaning for the Welsh star. Appearing on BBC One’s The One Show tonight, he told hosts Michael Ball and Alex Jones about the emotional story behind the opening song on Surrounded By Time. I Won’t Crumble With You If You Fall is inspired by the last words Sir Tom shared with Linda before she passed away from cancer in 2016, after 60 years together.
Sir Tom said: “My late wife, Linda, God bess her, had lung cancer she was passing away, I was there in the hospital room with her for the last ten days.

“I said, ‘My God, Linda, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. I won’t be able to sing, I won’t be able to get the words out.’

“She said, ‘You must. Don’t fall with me, I gotta go, You don’’t have to. You have to do what we had planned to do, which was to move back to London. I’ve just run our of time. But you’ve got to do it now.”  

Sir Tom revealed how Linda gave him the strength to face life without her and the key to dealing with his grief.

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He said she told him: “‘When you get on stage think of me laughing, don’t think of me as I am now.

“‘Think of all the years we’ve had together and that should lift you up.’ Which it does.” 

In a previous interview, Tom described how Londa told him that he and their son Mark needed to look after each other.

Sir Tom added: “She said to my son Mark and to myself, ‘Well, you two have got to mentor one another now, you’ve got to carry on.'”

Later on the album, Sir Tom has made a touching change to the 1960s classic I’m Growing Old by Bobby Cole.

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The song has a particularly melancholy line: “I’m growing drowsy in my chair, and I no longer ponder life, And though I save a lock of hair, I seldom dream about my wife.”

In his new version, Jones has changed the line to: “I’m growing drowsy in my chair, and I no longer ponder life. I don’t save a lock of hair, I often dream about my wife.”

Sir Tom told The One Show how he had originally been offered the song over 50 years ago.

He said: “This guy Bobby Cole who wrote it… I was in Las Vegas and he came to me in my dressing room and said, ‘I’ve got this song, you would sing the hell out of it.’

“I listened and said, ‘I don’t think I’m old enough to sing that at 32. I’d like to be able to feel that I’m growing old when I sing it… so if if I ever get to 70 maybe I’ll do it.’ Well, here we are, I’m 80.

“My producer said, ‘Do you want to admit to growing old?’ And I said, ‘Yes, because it doesn’t say I’ve grown old, I’m growing old, that’s the difference as far as I’m concerned. I have to accept it. What’s the alternative?”

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Sir Tom Jones’ new album Surrounded By Time is out on Friday

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Tom Jones dedicates new song to wife Linda 'This is how she wanted to be remembered'
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