Warzone Servers down? Why Call of Duty servers could be offline today

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Warzone Servers down? Why Call of Duty servers could be offline today
There are a lot of events and new content being released in Call of Duty Warzone this week, most of it is planned around the launch of Season 3.

And gamers should be aware that a big event is kicking off at 8pm BST, named Operation Rapid Sunder.

This will bring a special playlist to the game that fans will be able to complete and is expected to end with the destruction of the current Verdansk map.

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This will reportedly be followed by the launch of a revamped version of the Battle Royale level, complete with new points of interest.

After today’s event, a new Warzone update will be released at 5am BST on Thursday, April 22.

This will include all the Season 3 content, including the new map mentioned above. This will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms at the same time.

So while there is no planned maintenance of Call of Duty server downtime today, there is a chance that you might run into issues at some point.


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When things get rough in Call of Duty Warzone, servers can wobble and gamers can be booted to the start screen.

And sometimes, gamers will find themselves unable to reconnect to Warzone servers, and find themselves in a queue.

This usually comes with a countdown for how long you will have to wait, but these numbers can range from very long to very short and aren’t always accurate.

With so many different things happening today, here’s a list of times you might find yourself being unable to play on Warzone servers:

  • Warzone Nuke Event – 8pm BST

This will be when the new event starts and a special playlist is added to Call of Duty Warzone. A surge of players are expected to try and access it at the same time.

This could be when some gamers find themselves stuck in queues until the initial rush has ended.

  • Warzone Nuke Event – 10pm BST
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Activision has shared a list of timings, which includes something happening at 10pm BST today. We don’t know what this might include but it could cause some interference.

  • Warzone Season 3 update and start time – 5am BST on April 22

This could be another time when servers come under renewed pressure and Warzone queues return.

The good news is that this is happening very early in the morning to avoid extreme server problems, and a preload is already available on PS4 consoles. This combination should mean things run smoothly.

It should be noted that there might not be any troubles today, and hopefully, everyone gets to enjoy the new Warzone event and Season 3 release without any problems.

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Warzone Servers down? Why Call of Duty servers could be offline today
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