Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 not working for some as Verdansk 84 map goes live

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With server queues in full force and gamers struggling to keep stable connections, Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 is slowly starting to work for everyone.

Verdansk 84 is now the main map and a lot of it will remain very familiar to gamers fans of the Battle Royale game.

Locations like Superstore and the Military Base remain hotspots, with plenty of other new POIs now live.

The Grid Array now sits perched between the Salt Mine and the Stadium, both of which have had major makeovers.

The whole map has been revamped, but some gamers are having issues exploring Verdansk 84.

While COD fans are now able to play the new Warzone map, finding a game is proving very difficult.

Some gamers are being left in queues, while others continually connect to different games.

The good news is that these problems are easy and a flurry of playlist patches are being released to help cut down on the issues.

The next 24-hours should see servers return to normal and gamers will be able to start checking out the new Season 3 features.

These include the new and reimagined locations, which has seen nearly every building, surface and object retouched.

“The launch of Warzone has reinvented Call of Duty. In just over a year, more than 100 million players around the world have jumped in to play Warzone together, and starting today we’re taking it to a new level,” said Rob Kostich, President, Activision.

“Season Three brings a massive amount of content and new updates – the most since launch – to Warzone as it transforms to 1984, while we’re also bringing a tremendous amount of new, free content to Black Ops Cold War.

“Thank you to our fans everywhere, today is a celebration for our community. There’s so much more coming this season and beyond, get ready.”

And a recap of what has happened this week can be found below, courtesy of Activision:

1. For weeks, players have fought-off Zombies throughout Warzone, while tracking their progress via Containment Protocols and Corruption Zones.

2. Yesterday, as the Zombies horde reached its tipping point, millions of players experienced an event in-game that triggered a nuclear blast decimating the entire Warzone map, as Verdansk went dark.

3. In its aftermath, Warzone players were transported to Rebirth Island, where a series of mysterious in-game clues and hidden messages helped players unlock the remaining secrets of the event and understand what really happened to Warzone, ultimately transporting everyone to Verdansk in the year 1984, and the highly anticipated launch of Season Three.

4. As the new Warzone experience officially launches today, the community celebration continues as players head online to play all the new Season Three content, including the new-look Verdansk 1984 Warzone map and a host of new Multiplayer and Zombies content across Black Ops Cold War.

5. Fans can follow the latest intel @CallofDuty on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or visit Viewers can also head to for live action, including the Atlanta FaZe $ 100,000 Gold Rush Tournament.

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