Cher says a professional appreciation for Christopher Meloni

Author Jolie Lash
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Cher has the fortitude to speak frankly with James Corden.

“She was peppered with questions on her appearance on the Wednesday show about the tweet she posted on April 11 stating, ‘CHRISTOPHER MELONI IS Nice, DIE’.”

Cher felt this after actor, who had been missing from SVU for several years, finally returned to the show with his latest spin-off, Law & Order: Organized Crime. “And I love that film. The acting is outstanding, and the show is well received by critics. I was sure that he would have sent them something else to SVU. And so when I saw him in his show, I said, “Well done!” “I’m happy you’re doing a show again!””

Corden joked that though, wondered if the show-stopper was about Cher’s perception of Meloni’s acting abilities as well as well. That’s what you’re thinking, aren’t you?

Although talk of Stabler’s derrière’s behind captured the attention of the fans, Cher admitted that she admires work, but not love.

Just because she’s an outstanding actress doesn’t mean you want to roll in the carpet with her, does it?

He inquired who she could be similar to, but she refused to answer. But Cher, promoting her Paramount documentary at the festival, said, “It’s a blabberty film.”

Although Corden jumped to a Romantic conclusion about Cher’s tweet, Meloni read it as sincerely and received it. He said, “That would be a lovely way to start the day.”

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