Consider Adding These 3 Top Growth Stocks to Your Portfolio

Consider Adding These 3 Top Growth Stocks to Your Portfolio

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Growth stocks from the technology space gained galloping momentum last year spurred by individuals’ and businesses’ dependence on digital platforms to stay connected amid pandemic lockdown conditions. And though the current economic recovery is driving a sell-off of stocks that were “pandemic winners” as investors shift to value stocks, we believe budding non-technology growth stocks Camping World (CWH), Dillard’s (NYSE:), and Olympic Steel (ZEUS) have the potential to outperform broader markets in the near term. Read on and we’ll explain our view.Technology industry growth stocks have experienced a powerful rally over the past year. However, most of the stocks that benefited from the pandemic’s disruptions have been witnessing selling off lately.

The slowly building economic recovery is motivating investors to rotate away from the pricey “pandemic winners” into undervalued cyclical stocks. But economic the recovery is also leading to the emergence of a new set of stocks that are equipped to grow in the post-pandemic world.

Budding stocks, such as Camping World Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:), Dillard’s, Inc. (DDS), and Olympic Steel, Inc. (ZEUS), possess solid growth attributes and have the potential to deliver solid returns in the near-term. Because their industries are gradually returning to their pre-pandemic operational levels, we think these stocks have the potential to capitalize on the recovery.

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