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Nintendo's Just Dropped A Free Demo For Miitopia On Switch

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Looking forward to checking out Miitopia on Nintendo Switch? Well, wait no longer, as Nintendo’s just dropped a free demo.

That’s right, beginning today, you can jump into this teasing taster session by downloading the new demo from the Switch eShop. The demo lets you play through the main game’s first area, letting you create and customise your Mii with wigs and makeup before setting off on your adventure:

In this demo of the game’s first area, you’ll be able to create and customize your Mii characters with wigs and makeup. While it can be fun to play as a Mii character that looks like you, Miitopia also lets you cast your friends, family or anyone you choose to star in your journey. Watch your characters come to life as your best friend and dear old grandma team up to topple the face-stealing Dark Lord, who just so happens to resemble your grumpy uncle.

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You might recall playing Miitopia on 3DS, but Nintendo’s keen to remind us that this new Switch port contains new features like the adorable horse, the aforementioned wigs and makeup, and more.

Will you be giving this demo a whirl? Remember, Miitopia launches on Switch on 21st May!

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Nintendo's Just Dropped A Free Demo For Miitopia On Switch
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