Why millions are missing out on iOS 14.5's most useful iPhone upgrade

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Why millions are missing out on iOS 14.5's most useful iPhone upgrade

Apple has finally released its blockbuster iOS 14.5 upgrade to iPhones across the planet and this isn’t an insignificant update that mends a few bugs. The latest software comes packed with features including new emojis, compatibility with the latest Xbox and PS5 controllers and App Tracking Transparency which will stop companies from watching what you are up to online.

Those are all great changes but perhaps the most useful addition is an update to the Face ID security system which fixes the nightmare when wearing a face mask.

Of course, when Apple designed this market-leading system they had no idea that the world would be plunged into a pandemic which now means most people cover their nose and mouth when out shopping or travelling on public transport.

Whilst Face ID is incredibly clever it needs a good view of your features to securely unlock the display and it definitely does not like face masks. If you’ve tried using it you’ll be well aware of the constant messages saying “Swipe to unlock.”

It’s been incredibly annoying for users over the past 12 months but the US firm now has a pretty ingenious fix.

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With iOS 14.5 installed, Face ID now works again even if you’re wearing a covering.

That’s great news but sadly millions are set to miss out on this workaround as it only works if you are wearing an Apple Watch on your wrist.

When Face ID spots a covering is on your face it instantly links to the Apple Watch. If that device is fully unlocked and on your wrist, the iPhone’s screen will automatically spring into life.

The moment that the two devices become separated, this unlock method will no longer work with a code or full Face ID check needed once again.

So, if you happen to have a £200 smartwatch on your body you should no longer have any worries unlocking your phone.

If you haven’t yet joined the Apple Watch revolution then now might be a good time to invest in one.

Explaining more about the update, Apple said: “iOS 14.5 brings exciting new features to iPhone, including the ability to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch while wearing a face mask, more diverse Siri voices, new privacy controls, skin tone options to better represent couples in emoji, and much more. iOS 14.5 builds on the reimagined iPhone experience introduced in iOS 14, and is available today as a free software update.”

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