Review There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension – Don’t Let The Title Fool You

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Captured on Nintendo Switch (Docked)

Okay, we’re joking – obviously. We couldn’t help ourselves, though; There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension centres its entire narrative on the premise that, actually, you’re not playing a game (at least, not a traditional game). In fact, the narrator that accompanies you throughout the experience does his utmost best to convince you to stop playing, put down your controller, and quite frankly leave him alone. It’s a tremendous fourth-wall-breaking experiment that, while technically a sequel to the 2015 title There Is No Game, feels wholly unique.

If we’re to slap a specific genre onto the game, we’d say it’s a puzzle adventure title with heavy point-and-click elements throughout (very much like classic Tim Schafer titles, in other words). You take on the role of the ‘user’ who, for all intents and purposes, is you. The game starts off like any other, with a typical title menu composed of numerous options, but it’s at this point that the narrator jumps in to royally mess your experience up. Using the touch screen or face buttons, you immediately engage in breaking down each barrier that the narrator puts in your way, whether it be smashing through a screen, finding a key, or uncovering passwords buried in the narrator’s secret files.

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