'Complementary presence' to 'perfect future Queen': Kate blossomed in 10 years of marriage

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Even in the wake of Prince Philip’s death, the pair have been meeting with organisations and people.

Most recently the pair appeared at 282 East Ham Squadron, Air Training Corps in East London on April 21, 2021.

It demonstrated how “perfect” of a pairing they are, Judi claimed.

She said: “Did William even guess how much of a perfect royal and relationship match he had made when he married Kate? He picked the perfect future Queen but also someone who seemed like the ideal complementary other half for their successful, synchronised double-act too.

“Watching William step back here and watch his wife take the lead on royal visits and video calls with both affection and respect shows that any wariness or caution he displayed in the early years has now evaporated. Kate has become a powerful force and strength, not just in William’s life but in the royal Firm but without compromising William’s power or confidence.

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