Michelle Heaton checks into rehab after lockdown binge drinking

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Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton has checked into rehab today for a drinking problem after struggling with early menopause and lockdown which left her at ‘rock bottom’.

The singer is receiving treatment after battling medical problems during lockdown left her turning to alcohol as a ‘crutch’.


In her last post to Instagram, Michelle told how she’d been left with just four inches of hair left after going into early menopause, which she said hit her hard.

The 41-year-old mum has also been devastated by the death of her close friend Nikki Grahame, who lost her battle with anorexia this month, The Mirror reports.

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The tragedy came just weeks after Michelle and her entire family tested positive for Covid.

Michelle has underlying health issues and previously underwent a hysterectomy in 2012 and a double mastectomy in 2015 to reduce her risk of cancer.

A spokesperson for the star confirmed to the Mirror that Michelle entered a rehabilitation facility earlier today where she is taking the ‘time she needs to get better.’

Michelle last posted to Instagram five days ago where she shared her excitement at visiting the salon after revealing she’d been left with just four inches of hair left after going into early menopause.

Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton has checked into rehab after struggling with alcohol during lockdown
Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton has checked into rehab after struggling with alcohol during lockdown

“We won’t be commenting more at this time on her private medical information other than to say she has the love and support of her family and friends,” they added.

A source close to Michelle told The Sun: “She was just about coping when lockdown hit last year, but the effect of being at home and being unable to distract herself, saw her hit rock bottom.

“She realised she needed to get help when she’d increasingly turned to alcohol as a crutch as she couldn’t cope with the effects of her operations.

“Michelle was left feeling like she had lost so much of what made her a woman and when she went into early menopause that brought with it a whole other collection of problems.”

Earlier this month, Michelle spoke of her sadness at the sudden death of her friend Nikki Grahame.

The Big Brother star died at the age of 38 following a decades long battle with anorexia.

In a tribute post, Michelle wrote: “I was scared to see you . . . to say anything that may be a trigger to lose you . . . I was a coward and I’m so sorry.”

After speaking out about her friend, Michelle was horrified to be targeted by cruel trolls who bombarded her with a string of nasty messages.

Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton has checked into rehab for a drinking problem
Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton has checked into rehab for a drinking problem

Among the nasty posts, one vicious troll accused Michelle of being the reason her pal died.

The Just A Little Bit singer shared the messages with her followers and fired: “Who ever this piece of s*** is.. I feel sorry for you. You need a hug. You never know what anyone is going through.

“However, to tell me I was reason she died … wow … I just hope if you loose someone you love you DO NOT get told it’s your fault… coz.. who ever u r .. your lucky I’ve been through and seen so much I’m not easy to crack.

“Who ever you are .. those words can break someone on the edge. I see u have one follower … who ever follows you report this piece of s***.

“I’ve been Called many things in my life… this is the lowest of them all. You need hugs. X.”

The tragedy came just weeks after Michelle, who has underlying health issues, told fans that she and her entire family had contracted Covid.

Michelle shares Faith, nine, and Aaron, seven, with her husband of ten years Hugh Hanley.

Taking to Instagram after testing positive, Michelle said: “I could have been a lot worse, or may be hospitalised. I’m doing OK, enough strength to tell the kids off anyway!”

The pop star last posted to Instagram five days ago, where she revealed her excitement at having her first hair cut in months.

Thanking her hairdresser, Michelle wrote: “Today I came.. and you explained to me why I had lost most my hair. My hormones aka #menopause, had simply made my hair snap to touch.

“I had about 4-5 inches left. If that!

“Today, the family (that’s what I call all the hair technicians as to me they are and anyone who is lucky enough to visit @inanchlondon will agree) the family, with tender loving care gave me hair! And made me smile and actually start to look at myself again in the mirror rather then walk past and pretend my hair was ok! Love u all xxx”

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