Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Traveller Insurance

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While travelling to another place, be it for any purpose, it is important to travel with safety cover for yourself and your belongings. Because if something happens to you or if your baggage gets misplaced, it might ruin your trip or even lead to the cancellation/curtailment of the trip.

Therefore,to ensure you have a smooth trip, it is important to stay ready for uncertainties. The easiest way to do is to buy a traveler insurance. It might feel like an additional expense to the budget for your trip, but it is worth it as it gives you the much needed peace of mind.How so? Well, if anything unfortunate happens during your trip, you can avail of immediate assistance.

Need to Know About Traveller Insurance


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To know more about traveler insurance, you can read through its features and benefits mentioned below:

  1. Types Of Traveller Insurance Available

Types of traveler insurance can be broadly categorized on the basis of:

  • Number of Trips Covered

   i) Single trip Insurance

If you travel once in a while, single trip insurance would be an appropriate type of insurance for you.

   ii) Multi-Trip Insurance

If you travel often and take up multiple trips in a year, multi-trip insurance would be affordable and might provide wider coverage and benefits.

  • Destination

    i) International Travel Insurance Plan


You can opt for this if you are travelling to a foreign country.

    ii) Domestic Travel Insurance Plan

If you are travelling to another state in India, you can choose domestic travel insurance.

  1. Journey Cover

Traveler insurance covers most of the contingencies that you might face during the journey. Mentioned below are the inclusions of journey cover:

  • Trip Delay

If your trip is delayed due to legitimate reasons, the insurance provider reimburses the additional expenses you had to incur due to the trip delay. For availing this benefit, the delay should be for a considerable number of hours specific to the insurance terms.

  • Lost Passport

If you lose your passport during the trip, the insurance provider will help you issue a new passport or provide you with a  duplicate copy of it.

  • Bounced Flight/Hotel Bookings

In case of bounced bookings, the insurance provider reimburses the amount paid in advance, subject to certain conditions.

  • Home Burglary

A few insurance providers also offer compensation if your house is robbed while you were out on the trip. This benefit is allowed for a fixed number of days, which varies across different insurance providers.

  1. Baggage Delay/Loss

While travelling, your baggage having important documents and other stuff might get delayed due to misdirection by the common carrier, or it might even get lost. Nonetheless, if you buy traveller insurance, you need not worry about it as the insurance provider compensates for this loss too, depending on the things present in your lost baggage.

  1. Medical Cover

Under traveller insurance, the credible insurance providers offer end-to-end assistance to the policyholder if he/she falls sick or is injured during the trip. They even provide coverage against covid-19 to the policy holder if he/she contracts the disease while being on the trip.

Find below a few inclusions of medical cover:

  • Injuries During the Trip

If you get injured during the trip, the insurer compensates for the treatment cost.

  • Compassionate Visit

If you fall sick, a two-way ticket is given to one of your family members so that he/she can visit you.

  • Medical Evacuation

On your trip, if you catch hold of a disease, for the treatment of which you need to be relocated to another place, the medical evacuation charges are borne by the insurance provider.

  • Accidental Death

In case of your untimely demise on the trip, the insurer pays either the full sum insured or a considerable percentage of it. Besides, it helps in the repatriation of your remains to your city of residence.

Is Investing In Traveler Insurance Valuable?

Traveler insurance might not seem like a worthy investment to the general population, however, if you are a frequent traveler, or are planning to travel; it has many benefits to offer. Come to think of it, you cannot be aware of the hurdles that you might face on your trip before beginning it. If you travel with insurance, it gives you immense peace of mind and ensures a hassle-free trip, whatever come may. Nonetheless, it is imperative to choose a credible insurance provider like TATA AIG to be confident about speedy claim settlement, lucrative benefits, and 24*7 assistance.

Travel with a safety lid, always!

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