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Argos getting 'record' levels of new PS5 stock with next UK console restock

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Argos getting 'record' levels of new PS5 stock with next UK console restock

Argos could be about to drop a massive PS5 restock. According to the @PS5Instant Twitter account, Argos has “record” levels of PS5 stock primed and ready to go. And after a particularly dry April, where PS5 restocks were few and far between, it looks like May could tell a very different story.

Speaking about the next Argos PS5 restock, the @PS5Instant Twitter posted: “#PS5UK stock looking promising, Argos has record number stock.”

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While discussing when the next Argos restock could go live the reliable PS5 stock tracker account said: “Currently looking at #PS5restock at GAME & Argos between 10-17th May.”

And it looks like May could see plenty of PS5 stock come into the market after a lengthy barren spell in April.

The @PS5Instant Twitter said GAME will be receiving “25k units and stock twice next month”.

The account also said that Amazon has a “big release planned mid-May.”

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Discussing the PS5 UK stock situation in May overall, the @PS5Instant Twitter had very good news for stock hunters.

The account tweeted: “May #PS5UK Shipment biggest yet. Major retailers receiving more stock than ever! Make sure scalpers make a loss!”

Elsewhere, the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter has also been tweeting about the May PS5 stock situation.

And the account had very good news for those looking to purchase from Argos, with the stock tracker saying the retailer is getting “double” its previous allocations.

The @PS5StockAlertUK said PS5 stock is expected to hit Argos warehouses on May 4 and May 6 before stock going live and available to purchase on May 11.

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The PS5 Stock UK Twitter added: “Stock count is now reported to be 20K, which is double the previous amounts.”

With previous restock Argos distributed PS5 stock by region, and it looks like areas that had low levels in the past could see this rectified.

The @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter posted: “Alongside the Ireland/UK split up in the upcoming May 11th Argos drop, some plans have been put into place for the UK side of things. Areas/regions that have had less stock previously compared to other regions will get more stock this time round.”

As always with rumours, it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt until official confirmation.

But both of these PS5 stock tracker accounts have a strong track record of reliability, and have helped countless people secure a PS5 console amid ongoing stock shortages.

Argos and GAME have been two of the best places to purchase a PS5 in the UK in 2021, with Argos customers managing to get a PS5 on the same day that they ordered it during past restocks.

However, the caveat to all of this is Argos restocks go live in the wee hours of the morning – with the last restock becoming available to purchase online at 1am UK time.

News on the next Argos restock comes after earlier this week Smyths Toys dropped a surprise PS5 Disc and Digital restock.

In the aftermath of this restock going live the PS5 Stock UK Twitter account offered some tips on how to be successful with the upcoming May restocks.

The account posted: “Smyths Toys have started the upcoming wave of PlayStation 5 restocks, who dropped the console today, when their own website stated May, so, we thought we’d share our top tips on how you could increase your chances for any surprise restocks next week & the restocks the week after.”

Here are their top tips…

1) Use PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay where applicable.

2) Sign up to Amazon’s Smile programme and keep the PlayStation 5 in your wish-list.

3) Use guest checkout for GAME.

4) Add to basket via an Android device for Argos.

5) Order batteries and cancel them with an account for Smyths Toys as this will auto-save checkout details.

6) Register email interest where applicable.

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Argos getting 'record' levels of new PS5 stock with next UK console restock
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