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Can you use baking powder for heartburn? Four health benefits and three drawbacks

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Can you use baking powder for heartburn? Four health benefits and three drawbacks

Acid reflux is not a deadly or damaging condition, but it can cause serial discomfort in sufferers. Otherwise known as heartburn, it arises forms when stomach acids rise too far out of their jurisdiction. These acids irritate the oesophagus lining and cause a burning sensation, which people can relieve with a few household remedies.

Can you use baking powder for heartburn?

Doctors will accept baking powder (or soda) as a fast-acting treatment for heartburn.

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The powders’ alkaline base neutralises stomach acids venturing up the throat and provides comparable relief to over-the-counter medications.

People can administer the powder via effervescent tablets or mix half a teaspoon with half a cup of water.

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Soothe sores: In the same vein as dental health, baking soda can also calm troublesome canker sores.

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These painful ulcers develop inside the mouth, and baking soda mouthwash can help temper the pain.

Kidney health: A study published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology found sodium bicarbonate helped stall the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Bicarbonate supplements could help slow the impact for other people, but they should consult their doctor first.

What you shouldn’t use baking soda for

Haircare: Some people opt for an apple cider vinegar-baking soda combination on their hair to promote shine. But as the hair is slightly acidic, removing this with baking soda can ultimately cause brittle, breakable locks.

Overload for athletics: Some athletes drink baking soda to increase their performance, but they have professional advice from trainers or nutritionists. Regular people should not try this without consultation, as soda loading can make them sick.

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Skincare: Skin is acidic by nature and often reacts poorly to more alkaline topical solutions. The acid helps promote moisture, so those with sensitive skin may find soda brings new trouble.

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Can you use baking powder for heartburn? Four health benefits and three drawbacks
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