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The Chase's Bradley Walsh blasts 'funny' chaser with stern warning

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Author: [email protected] (Lottie Gibbons, Lucy Marshall)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

Bradley Walsh was forced to have a word with chaser Darragh Ennis during an intense exchange on The Chase.

Walsh quickly put new boffin Ennis in his place after stealing the show with a well-timed joke.

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Alan, Laura, Kerry and Enyioma battled against the Chaser today hoping to win a large amount of money.

First contestant Alan performed well, adding £5,000 to the prize pot after a strong cash builder.

Laura followed this up with a solid £3,000 in the first round, Liverpool Echo reports.

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Darragh is the newest Chaser
Darragh is the newest Chaser
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But if she wanted to take the money home, she’d have to beat Darragh Ennis in the head to head.

It was touch and go as both Darragh and Laura faltered in the second round.

However, Laura faltered on one particular question.

Host Bradley Walsh asked her and Darragh: “Who was made the patron saint of television for being able to see mass on her wall despite being too ill to attend it?”

The options were St Rose of Lima, St Teresa of Avila or St Clare of Assisi.

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While Laura opted for St Teresa of Avila, Darragh picked the correct answer of St Clare of Assisi.

Asked to explain his answer, Darragh joked: “So when they asked her if she was able to see mass and she was Italian she said ‘I see, see’.

Bradley put Ennis in his place

While the contestant laughed, Bradley was left unimpressed.

Coming closer to Darragh, Bradley said: “Just answer the questions, you questions, me comedy, you contestant.

“Simple as that.”

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The Chase's Bradley Walsh blasts 'funny' chaser with stern warning
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