PS5 has ‘a lot’ of stock ready to sell in the UK ps5 ps5

If you’re still on the hunt for a PS5 then should be one of the UK retailers to add to your watch list. This weekend it’s emerged that has “a lot” of PS5 stock ready and waiting to be sold. That’s according to the @PS5UKStock Twitter which claimed the next PS5 AO restock will be available “very soon”.

On Saturday the @PS5UKStock Twitter account posted: “BREAKING: We have confirmed with AO managers they have a lot of stock ready and waiting to drop ‘very soon’. No specific date given.”They released a tiny amount of stock this morning at 4:33am as part of a test on their ‘alt system’.

“#PS5 #PS5UK #PS5Restock”.

The news comes as May is tipped to be a bumper month for PS5 restocks following a dry April where PS5 restocks were few and far between.

PlayStation 5 stock hunters were treated to a Smyths Toys restock right towards the end of April but apart from that it was slim pickings.Thankfully for anyone that so far has not had any luck picking up a PS5 since the console launched last November May should be a different story.

Towards the end of April the @PS5UKStock Twitter posted: “Who still needs a PS5? I have a feeling we’re about to be smacked by a wave of drops in May”.

While the @PS5Instant Twitter also said: “May #PS5UK Shipment biggest yet. Major retailers receiving more stock than ever! Make sure scalpers make a loss!”

Among the retailers rumoured to be getting a sizeable PS5 restock in May is Argos, who are tipped to have “record” levels of new PS5 stock inbound.

While GAME are also rumoured to be getting plenty of new PS5 stock in May, with the retailer allegedly taking orders for the PS5 twice this month.GAME are rumoured to be opening orders for the PS5 next during the second week in May while Argos are tipped to be taking orders for the PS5 on May 11.

Argos, unlike other UK retailers, opens orders for the PS5 in the early hours of the morning – with a 1am stock drop happening last time around.

So if you’re looking to purchase a PS5 from Argos you could be facing a late night with its next restock.

Amazon, meanwhile, are also rumoured to be getting more PS5 stock with a big mid-May restock allegedly on the cards.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express

Will PS5 be available in black?

Six months after Sony first announced the PS5, the company has yet to release a black version of the system. To many people’s dismay, the initial waves of PS5 stock – which were released in limited quantities – are entirely composed of white PS5.

Is a 21:9 ultrawide display supported in PS5?

A wide-screen monitor usually has an aspect ratio of 21:9, and a resolution of 1440p. Unlike the PS4, the PS5 will not have 1440p support.

The PS5 has smart image-upscaling capabilities that make the image appear in the wider screen. Using the standard of 1080p resolution, it would generally take a 1080 image and upscale it to fit the monitor.

It should be noted that PS5 does not officially support ultrawide monitors, but you can use them. While everyone will have their own thoughts on the image before them, it will be a matter of personal opinion as to whether or not you feel the image presented to you is acceptable.

However, when we’ve seen it, we can confirm that the image you get isn’t bad, but you’re only getting the same information as on a standard 16:9 ratio screen.

PS5 resolutions include 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and 2160p. Each of these resolutions is a 16:9 ratio, meaning that there is no PS5 setting to support a 21:9 aspect ratio. Even if your photo fills the full screen, it may appear slightly stretched. A PS5 game is likely to give you a wider field of view compared to the same game on a PC.

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