Ghost video: Countryside pub captures ‘unbelievable’ footage of 'apparition'

The footage has left the staff at the Twa Dogs Inn in Keswick, Cumbria terrified, as they are convinced that what was seen is a ghost. The CCTV was recording late at night when it captured what looks like a human apparition moving around the premises.
The video shows the pub’s locked beer garden, which at first appears to be totally empty.

Two fluorescent green orbs surrounded by a dark layer can then be seen slowly moving around the space.

Although a face is not visible, the shape of the potential apparition resembles a human body.

The bizarre clip was first spotted by Sharon Hankin, a member of the bar’s staff for eight years.

She told the Cumbria Crack website: “I had been watching it all night on CCTV and thought: ‘What on earth is that?’

“I took a video of the CCTV footage on my phone. You can see the outline of a body and it looks like it’s got a head and legs and at the end you can see an arm swinging.”

Peter Harding, the pub’s landlord, investigated the beer garden after seeing what he referred to as “unbelievable” footage.

He said: “With Covid, we have had to have table service, so we have decked out an area at the side of the pub and put artificial grass down and put up two marquees.

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Ms Hankin said: “When I was working a few years ago, I saw a figure wearing a blue jacket walk across the hatch in the pool room.

“I went to have a look and there was nobody there.”

Other staff members have reportedly had similar experiences, hearing footsteps and even a “loud growl” after putting some keys away upstairs.

As well as this, Ms Hankin said that there have been incidences of freshly made beds looking like someone has been lying in them.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Weird Feed

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