Boris Johnson urged to tell all UK schools to fly the Union flag – 'Make it mandatory!'

Tory backbenchers have been pushing for a new law to make headteachers fly the Union flag from school buildings. MPs say such a move would help restore national pride in Britain. In response to the calls, asked its readers if it backed the measure being implemented in schools.
One person wrote: “Of course our flag should be flown at all schools – and government offices.

“The disaffected, work-shy, Marxist, teachers’ unions and other left wing twerps will squeal and stamp their ill-shod feet, but so what?

“Do it Mr. Johnson, don’t talk about it, do it!”

Another person said: “The Union flag should be mandatory on EVERY Government building and EVERY Government funded organisation.”

A third wrote: “It’s a no brainer, ALL government-owned and run buildings should have the Union flag showing.”

Another reader called for the flag to be flown with pride and didn’t understand those who opposed such a move.

They wrote: “I would say those who object to the Union Jack are those who do not like it here in UK.

“They should just move to the country they want to be in.

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He explained: “All schools should fly the Union Jack outside their school and a different pupil each morning should be given the honour of raising the flag at the start of the school day.

“The flag should also be displayed permanently in school assembly halls.”

His call echoed MP Tom Hunt’s bid to see the flag proudly displayed at schools.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

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