'He gets on my wick' Madness star Suggs takes a swipe at Pointless host Richard Osman

Throughout the entirety of lockdown, people found themselves sticking to a new routine, whether it be taking up walking, gardening, reading or settling down to binge watch multiple boxsets. But for Suggs – real name Graham McPherson – he found himself becoming an avid watcher of afternoon quiz shows on ITV and BBC, but despite Pointless being on his list of favourites, he revealed his true feelings about host Richard Osman.
In a new interview, the musician explained he and his wife Anne spent the first month of lockdown last year in her home town of Whitstable, but they weren’t exactly spoilt for choice as they had no wifi.

“We made do with the five channels,” he said of their TV options.

“I still had to restrain myself from turning on the TV until at least 4pm.”

But when he deemed it an acceptable time to turn on the telly box, he emerged himself in the long string of game shows.

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Zero Zero Zero was also high on their list but Game of Thrones didn’t work – “there was just too much of it,” he giggled.

But while some were going out of their minds with boredom, for the most part Suggs was quite content kicking back and chilling in front of the TV.

“To be honest, I’m happy lying on the sofa watching the box,” he smiled before teasing some major news for fans of the band he’s been apart of since 1977, Madness.

“The band have been writing a lot of songs, swapping ideas online,” he said, “I think we’ve got a good new album coming.

“Being creative is good for the soul. I’ve been baking and beer-making – and painting.”

He jokingly added: “As we come out of lockdown, there’s going to be a tsunami of terrible paintings by old pop stars.”

Sugg’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.

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