Stacey Solomon fans say she's 'out of touch' over Royal Family rant

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Stacey Solomon has been slammed by fans after a rant about the Royal Family on Loose Women resurfaced on social media.

The singer and fiance of Joe Swash has been the subject of controversy as the clip was shared on TikTok, showing her get into a debate with co-hosts Jane Moore, Linda Robson and Christine Lampard.

The debate concentrated on the British people’s fixation on the Royal Family, which Stacey said she didn’t understand.


During the conversation Stacey said it was “frustrating” because she “didn’t see the purpose of all of that money going to this one entire family”.

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Stacey knew her opinion is dissimilar to many others who love the Royal Family

She explained: “I’m probably gonna be of the opinion of nobody else in the entire world but I just don’t get it [the Royal Family]. I don’t get any of it.”

Other hosts then chimed in to say how the Queen was “brilliant” and that she’s “worked really hard”, reports the MailOnline

She said: “It’s freezing cold outside and people are homeless and these people [the Royals] have like houses to spare.

“It does sometimes become a little bit frustrating because I don’t see the purpose of all of that money going to this one entire family.”

Stacey Solomon faces backlash for her opinion on the Royal Family
Stacey Solomon faces backlash for her opinion on the Royal Family

After the clip was re-shared on Friday, many fans were quick to flood social media with their arguments against her views.

One wrote: “‘On Stacey Solomon criticising the Royal family…. it is a far more complicated argument than what is presented. But at least it opens the door to a proper debate on them…. which is needed…”

Another added: “I used to like Stacey Solomon, but not anymore after what she has said about the most loved Royal Family in the world. Coming from a Finn – you Brits don’t know how lucky & blessed you are! If Conservatives are the only party left defending the Royals, then they have my vote!”

An impassioned fan also commented: “The Royals do lots for charity, so spouting about homeless people and spare houses doesn’t mean the royal family don’t ‘have a point’. They were here way before ‘celebrities’ and that whole culture.”

“The irony of Stacey Solomon asking what the point of the Royal Family is…” a fan tweeted.

“Stacey Solomon complaining about the Royal Family and using the homeless argument, when she earns a lot of money and spent £1.2m on a house recently. Out of touch springs to mind…”

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