Four in a Bed: 'Rustic' Dorset seaside B&B slammed for 'vomit' stains and 'dirty duvets'

In Thursday’s episode of Four in a Bed, the Channel 4 programme introduced The Beach House in Portland Dorset, owned by ex-military turned property investor Pete. One of the B&B’s biggest draws, acceding to its owner, is its prime location.
Bedrooms were described as “a bit like student accommodation” and lacking “wow factor”.

They were also left perplexed by the use of “wicker garden furniture” in the bedrooms.

However, it wasn’t the decor decisions that really left a lasting impression.

Among “massive spider webs”, “scratchy towels” and a stained “pillow”, there was also some rather unsightly stains along the way.

“Could do with a lick of paint,” said one couple when inspecting a radiator.

“The whole thing needs doing. It looks like someone has vomited over it.”

Another duo noticed a rather worrying looking stain on their bathroom towels.

Over breakfast, the following morning, one of the guests said: “I got into bed last night and I hadn’t checked my duvet.

“Got up this morning and I’m glad I hadn’t checked it.

“It was dirty and stained. I wouldn’t let a dog sleep on it.

“I haven’t seen anything like it.”

Pete himself admitted that while maintenance had been done throughout the B&B, in the 14 years he had owned it, he had not decorated.

“We’ve done maintenance but the decor is a bit dated I’m well aware of that but it still functions,” he said.

“It’s a business. It’s not a show home.”

While his “decent” breakfast serving did save the day somewhat, sadly, the dishevelled state of the building, along with windows that wouldn’t lock, meant guests did not score the Beach House highly.

In a blow to Pete, guests even went so far as to say they would not stay at his B&B again.

“I think it is overpriced,” said one guest.

“It is a budget room but not at a budget price.”

Pete said he felt his guests’ feedback was “a little bit harsh”.

He added: “I’m not going to spend my life trying to clean every cobweb out of this place.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

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