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How To Wash Lettuce

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How To Wash Lettuce

For true ease and convenience all in one, especially if you eat lettuce on a regular basis, consider investing in a simple and affordable salad spinner. Even the most expensive models serve as a place to wash lettuce, dry it, and even store unused lettuces in the fridge. Salad spinners are also handy for plenty of other uses, too.

To use a salad spinner, add your lettuce to the center basket and wash it under cool, gentle running water. Then pop that center bowl back into the outer bowl and add the lid. Push the button or pull the string — however your model might work — to remove the water. Discard the water and repeat until the lettuce is free of all excess water, but still slightly damp.

Once your salad is dry, go ahead and use it. If you have any leftover leaves, just store the spinner in the fridge until you’re ready for lettuce next time. The airflow created by the two bowls is ideal for lettuce longevity and keeps it crisp and good for a long while.

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Author: [email protected] (Mikayla Marin)
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