The Reason You Should Be Cutting Flank Steak Against The Grain

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The Reason You Should Be Cutting Flank Steak Against The Grain

Kansas City Steak Company suggests that to achieve the perfect medium-rare flank steak you’ll need to get a read of at least 130 degrees. Once it is cooked, let the steak to rest for about five minutes to allow the carryover cooking process to occur — as Recipe Tips explains, carryover cooking refers to the process when food continues to cook after being removed from heat.

After it has rested and the internal juices have redistributed, it is time to strategically slice into your delicious flank steak. Food Network suggests cutting into the steak with a “sharp knife held at about a 45-degree angle” and, more specifically, to cut it against the grain. Why is it so important to cut against the grain? Better Homes & Gardens notes that cutting it against the grain will help cut through the fibers, resulting in a more tender cut of beef and providing folks with an easier time at chewing the steak.

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