You Can Use This Common Kitchen Item To Clean Your Grill

You may be surprised to hear that aluminum foil can be used instead of a brush for cleaning. Truth is, it’s an easy and convenient way to keep your grill in good condition. In order to clean with foil, you’ll want to make a ball that is big enough so it can be held between a pair of tongs, according to CNET. Then, you can scrub the grill plates while they are still hot or warm to get rid of any food particles and grime as stated in an article in CNET. 

It’s important to know — when you clean with aluminum foil — tiny pieces of foil can get stuck to the metal grill plates. But don’t worry, there’s another trick. Once you’re done cleaning and the grill has cooled, it’s recommended that you wipe it down with a wet cloth to ensure there aren’t any unwanted particles on the grill. Now you have a new handy method to clean your grill when you don’t have a brush or don’t feel like spending money on a new one.

Author: [email protected] (Lauren David)
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