Drivers warned their 'everyday actions' could see them issued fines, penalty points or ban

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Drivers warned their 'everyday actions' could see them issued fines, penalty points or ban
Experts at Tempcover has wanted breaking even the small, most “inconspicuous rules” on the road could land them in trouble. However, the new poll by the group also found the majority of drivers were unaware their simple errors were breaking the rules.
According to the AA, drivers could be issued an unlimited fine, a driving ban and between three and 11 points on their licence.

Lesser careless driving penalties can also be issued for a range of simple offences with many drivers also not aware of the consequences.

Almost three-quarters of road users were not aware deliberately splashing pedestrians was against the law.

Warning other drivers about upcoming speed traps is an offence but was not known by 64 percent of those surveyed.

A total of 59 percent said they did not know touching a sat-nav while driving was an issue while half said they were not aware it is against the rules to sound a car horn at night.

Almost one in two said they were not aware smoking in the car with someone under the age of 18 was an offence.

Meanwhile, 40 percent were not aware they cannot drive their friend’s car without the correct insurance.

According to the AA, careless driving penalties could see drivers issued an unlimited fine and between three and nine penalty points.

Tempcover CEO Alan Inskip has also warned said Breaking small rules could “potentially invalidate” car insurance claims.

He warns this would likely lead to “increased” car insurance costs which would be a blow for road users.

“These infringements could also potentially invalidate their claims, increasing the cost of insurance and making it difficult to find an insurer to cover them at all.”

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